As a part of our "if Mother didn't tell you about Marmite, what else didn't she tell you?" campaign we created bespoke, completely unique Marmite blogger packs, custom designed and inspired by ten of the most relevant bloggers in South Africa. The blogger packs consisted of uniquely designed labels, front and back, with tag lines inspired by the blog. The packs also consisted of a jar of ink, an ink dip pen, a laser-engraved Moleskine with handwritten introduction, customized stickers and a t-shirt with an original Dark Days design on it, linked back to the website by the hash tagged number.

2012 Silver Loerie- Direct Mail
2012 Silver Loerie- Brand Identity and Collateral
2012 Bronze Loerie- Integrated Campaign (part of)
2012 Loerie Craft Certificate- Illustration
nandos happierness
When the December holidays are over it’s time for everyone to snap back to reality; and that usually means dealing with a financial hangover. There is a sadness and the only cure is more happierness. The fully integrated Nando’s “Meal That Makes you Happier” campaign aimed to wash away those tears of sadness across all mediums.
Habari Pow Wow 2014 Calendar

This year, the brief was to create something engaging, interactive and economically viable. The result is an economically produced fold out paper craft calendar entitled ‘Pow Wow’ (meaning ‘gathering’ in Narrangansett).

Inspired by Native American totem poles, each person is assigned a month and spirit animal, signifying the individuals’ traits. Facial features of the spirit animals can be popped back and forth and are embedded with image recognition tech linking each spirit animal to the featured LinkedIn profile.

The promotion of various media players effectively links Habari Media, an innovative Media house, to some of the industry’s greats.

Adidas Originals Unite Joburg
adidas Originals wanted to reconnect with the people of Joburg. What better way to do that than by celebrating the originality that adidas Originals is known for; music, art and culture. Unite Joburg was an integrated digital campaign that featured a concert performance from Detroit rapper Danny Brown, a unique pay-it-forward online ticketing mechanic, a photography exhibition and a short documentary film all centred around getting adidas Originals to stake a claim within the minds of Joburg’s youth.
The direct mail piece created for Patron comprised of two boxes, one for Patron XO Dark Cocoa and one for Patron Silver. Using the finest ingredients, we created parallel products to be enjoyed with the Patron – raw, organic chocolate and handmade cocktails. The raw ingredients were included, highlighting the hand made process which is involved in every aspect of the making of Patron.
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller is all about bringing its consumers the Freshest, most innovative experiences. In 2014, Miller Boomtown featured one of hip-hop’s freshest acts – Kendrick Lamar. The spectacle, held in JHB, CPT and DBN immersed crowds in the world of Miller, offering up a massive headline, supported by South Africa’s own hip-hop royalty – Khuli Chana and Reason.
Marmite Halloween 2013

Strategically targeting the youth, the brief asked to create a tactical Halloween campaign for Marmite. Marmite is well known as the rebellious ‘dark spread’, and is notorious for polarizing its audience.

Posters and street pole ads of illustrations of optical illusions bearing the line “For some it’s a trick, for some it’s a treat” were run during October. From close, the image conveys a quiet setting of people eating Marmite sandwiches (treat) while from far the image conveys a classic Halloween icon (trick).

Habari Media Tuongee 2013

The brief asked to create gift packs for guests attending the annual media symposium hosted by Habari Media. The aim of the pack was to provide recipients with conversation starters that engage and encourage networking. ‘The Quintessentially Metaphorical Field Guide to Humans on Business Safari’ is a tongue-in-cheek how-to for the event. The kit includes a personality test, games, points of interest and objects all of which are uniquely illustrated and written in a humorous, idiosyncratic tone.

The audience included top media, marketing and advertising leaders who attended the overnight conference and received the pack upon arrival. The gift pack was directly linked to the location of the symposium (a safari game lodge) and focused on the humorous juxtaposition of business and safari. The digital focus informed the illustration style, which simulates a faceted wireframe style.

Triumph has built a solid reputation based on its long history, but woman felt it lacked the 'spark' of innovation, emotion, trendiness and fashion competence. Our approach was to reinvigorate what Triumph stands for and create the much needed emotional connection. Through the use of bold lettering, a copy story which spoke to the You.Amplified. tone and edgy, fun photography resulted in a much sparkier campaign.
Geek Gods
Traditionally, Habari Media creates a yearly calendar featuring 12 bespoke media personalities. This year, we played on the god-like talents that each individual exhibited, and created a calendar under the title "Geek Gods". Through research, details of each media personality were interpreted and translated into words and graphics, representing each individual as a 'Geek Goddess'. The calendar includes an accurate lunar calendar. The dial is used as a marker for each day. Encapsulated within an engraved Perspex plate, the calendar is letterpressed, mimicking Greek relief sculpture. The illustration style is inspired by the graphic artwork of ancient Greece.
13 Dark Tales
Marmite conducted research and the results were astonishing Ð Marmite had little relevance to youth culture. Launching a tactical campaign for Halloween under the line "Don't be Afraid of the Dark", we wrote and designed a book entitled '13 Dark Tales'. Comprised of thirteen South African urban legends, the little-known myths were researched, recycled and written from an original viewpoint. The design emulated a vintage feel, befitting of a time gone by. Mysterious illustrations emulating old-style etchings were created for each story and alluded to a character/ scene from each Dark Tale.
Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour
The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour is the premier Freestyle Motocross series in its discipline of motorsport.

The series travels all around the world to incredible locations as the riders perform heart-stopping tricks all in the name of becoming champion. 2014 marked the first time a Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour stop was to be held in South Africa. We set out to create a campaign to bring the global excitement of Red Bull X-Fighters to life with a uniquely South African look and feel. To do this we created a series of patterns and handcrafted typefaces that combined elements of the high-octane, extreme nature of the sport with the tradition, heritage and aesthetic of South African art and culture.